Knife Sharpening 
Burrbenders version of " Hand Sharpening" is just that, sharpening by hand. No electronic machines, just water and stones. 
Burrbenders is known for producing some of the sharpest knife edges in the world. Our International Mail In Sharpening Program is world renowned and services some of the worlds most impressive knife collections, creative Chef's and Governmental members including the U.S. Military

When the World looks for a Knife Sharpener, Burrbenders is at the top of the list. 

Our "Normal" sharpening methods are extensive and include up to 15 separate steps. 

 Our "Hand Sharpening" is world class
Hand Sharpened Knives
Pictures from the shop
Jimmie's beloved "Al Mar" VG-10, re-profiled to 15-deg 50-50 edge. 

This knife is the definition of "Scary Sharp"