BURRbenders professionally sharpens all types of barber, salon, fabric and grooming shears and scissors. Our sharpening services sharpens all brands from low-end $30 fabric scissors up to $600 high-quality beauty shears. We can sharpen and hone both beveled and convex edged shears and scissors to be as good as, or better than new.
Barber - Hair Shears - Scissors
Barber Shears
Types of Scissors and Shears Sharpened
Professional Salon Shear
All Fabric Scissors
Household, Cooking, Paper and Industrial
Types of Edges We Sharpen
Our scissor / shear sharpening service includes:

  • Disinfecting of scissors or shears from fungus and other bacteria

  • Razor Sharp Honing and/or Sharpening

  • Minor repairs such as small nick removal

  • Lubrication

  • Balance & Adjustment
We sharpen ALL types of Scissors and Shears:

In most cases, if it looks like a scissor and cuts like a scissor, we sharpen it.

We DO NOT SHARPEN Cuticle or very small scissors. 

If you have any questions, please ask.