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How to ship: We have found that the new Flat Rate boxes at the Post Office work best CLICK HERE to find out more. UPS and FedEX Also work well.  
4) After placing your knife or knives in the shipping box, please look to see if contents will shift during shipping, if so please add some packing material to prevent movement . Crinkled up newspaper will work just fine.  
1) Cork the point of your knife. 

2) Place knife on newspaper with at least 1 inch of over hang above the cork. 

3) Roll knife in newspaper and tape closed. 

We offer a "100% Guarantee" 
If you are not satisfied with our sharpening we will gladly resharpen your item at no charge.. If it is a "mail in" we will resharpen and pay return shipping.
Our shipping address is:

2669 Solomons Island Rd.
Edgewater, Md. 21037

Standard Kitchen Knife Sharpening 
Chef's Knife, Santoku Knife, Carvers, Utility Knives, Boning, Filet, Paring & Steak Knives
We fix chips, broken tips and geometry issues for free with our standard sharpening. 

Up to 5” -- $5.00 
5" to 8” -- $6.00 
Over 8" -- $7.00
Serrated Knives -- $7.00 
Quality Chefs Knives (Global, Shun, Miyabi ect) -- $10.00

Hand Sharpening Cutlery 
Softer steel knives do better with a "standard sharpening", however, harder steels need more attention and should always be hand sharpened with,or in combination with Japanese waterstones. We normally need 1 to 4 days to complete work.

Japanese kitchen knives -  $4.00 per blade inch 
Knife Thinning -- $6.00 per blade inch

Pocket/Hunting/Tactical Knife Sharpening

Pocket Knives (multi-blade) -- $5.00 + $2 per extra blade 
Pocket Knives (one blade) -- $5.00 
Tanto Knives -- $7.00 
Fixed Blade Knife -- $7.00 
Machete -- $12.00 
Swords -- $20.00+

Clipper Blades Sharpening
Animal Grooming - Barber - Hair Salons
All prices include, honing the cutter plus the comb, adjusting tension, tuning, cleaning, demagnetizing, aligning, oiling and testing.

Small Blades - $5.00 
**"Standard" Size Blades - $6.00**
Large Blades - $7.00

Hair Shears & Scissors
Scissor & Shear Sharpening - Barber & Grooming Shears - Fabric & Craft

Barber & Grooming Shears
(bevel edge or AKA German Style) 

Hi-Quality Beauty Shears  
(convex edge or AKA Japanese Style) 

Hi-Quality Grooming Shears  
(convex edge or AKA Japanese Style) 

Fabric Shears 7" to 9" -- $8.00 
Kitchen & Paper Shears  -- $7.00 
Small Scissors, Embroidery  -- $5.00 
Pinking Shears  -- $10.00 
Industrial Shears, Tailor 10" to 12"  -- $9.00 
Knife Edge Shears -- $10.00
Specialty Shears (Carpet, Bandage etc.) -- $7.00 

Straight Razors (Done by hand)--  $12.00

Additional Scissor, Shear Services 
(add cost below to items sharpened) 

Recondition Badly Damaged Shears (Do to improper sharpening, wear, rust) -- (add) $12.00 


Chisels (1/2" and under) -- $7.00 
Chisels (1/2" to 3") -- $10.00

Garden Tool & Mower Blade Sharpening 

Lawn Mower Blade 
Regular -  $8.00
Mulching - $10.00
Tractor -  $12.00

Chain saws

Hedge clippers
Hand - $10.00
Electric - $22.00
Gas  - $24.00 

Pruning Shears  -- $5.00 
Loppers -- $7.00 
Grass Clippers -- $7.00 
Shovel or Hoe -- $5.00 

Carbide saw blades 

0.35 per tooth
The easiest way to bring knives into one of our onsite locations is to wrap them in a towel

All times and locations are due to change as per the weather, please check our facebook page for any changes.

Our Edgewater location is closed to the public