I learned my craft as a child from a “retired” Appalachian Bootlegger. Sharp knives for him were not a way of life or just an obsession, they were a religion. “When your knives have generations of stories, you learn to care for them” he would say while slowly honing the prized possession on the same stones his grandfather used. It's funny what sticks with you in life, I can barely recall important moments in my life, but I can remember sitting on those rocks, listening to the history of his knives, like it was this morning.   

Today, 35 years later, I am still practicing the methods taught to me on those rocks.   

Honing A Skill
Our Methods 
We do not have a "one system fits all" method for sharpening. We are fully stocked with the "latest and greatest" sharpening equipment and a large assortment of heirloom stones. 

Bottom line is, we use whatever methods necessary to produce the sharpest edges.
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Jimmie Burrbender