Welcome to BURRbenders Precision 1-888-724-4769 Sharpening. Marylands Knife, Scissor and Hair Shear Sharpening located in Millersville Maryland

Welcome To BURRbenders
BURRbenders is your #1 source for Professionally Sharpened Knives,
Scissors, Tools
- Guaranteed -

National sharpening shop and shipping address

8213 (Old) Jumpers Hole Rd.
Unit 104
Millersville Md. 21108

If you are local:

Millersville is 15 minutes
from Annapolis and Baltimore.

Leave (OLD) off the address when shipping to us.
Full Service Kydex Shop.
Custom Knife Edge Guards and Sheaths
Over 20 Years of Sharpening Experience

Buy Edge Guards, Gift Certificates and Much More!
Barber - Hair Shears - Fabric Scissors
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What is the turn around time?

In most cases we have your knives for less than 24hrs (large orders take a little longer). We do not sharpen on Friday, Saturday or Sunday. If we receive a package on Friday it will be sharpened on Monday in the order received. Walk in customers can have there knives sharpened while they wait.

What's the best way to have my knives sharpened by you?

95% of the knives we sharpen are mailed to us from around the world. of course if you are local to us, just stop by our shop

Can I just ship a knife to you to be sharpened? Do I have to call first?

You can just ship, most of the time we will call when we receive the knife if we have any questions, if not we will sharpen your knife and send it right back.

Does steel quality make a difference in edge retention?

YES! Buy the best steel you can afford. Your edges will be sharper and last longer.

I have called in the past but no one answered the phone.

We were most likely sharpening. Leave a message (which is e-mailed to us) and we will return your call A.S.A.P.. Or you can email us at burrbenders@gmail.com.

We are a very small shop that handles an International clientele. 
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We make mail in knife sharpening easy!
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Our hours have changed along with the addition of 2 great new locations.

FRIDAYS we will be located in the parking lot of Homestead Gardens in Severna Park, Md.

SATURDAYS we will be in the front parking lot of Homestead Gardens in Davidsonville, Md