Welcome to BURRbenders Precision 1-888-724-4769 Sharpening. Marylands Knife, Scissor and Hair Shear Sharpening located in Millersville Maryland

Welcome To BURRbenders
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BURRbenders is your #1 source for Professionally Sharpened Knives, 
Scissors, Tools
- Guaranteed -
We are a full service Clipper Blade sharpening shop.
Over 20 Years of Sharpening Experience. 

Barber - Hair Shears - Fabric Scissors 
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Each year Burrbenders receives hundreds of packages from around the world.

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Friday: To Be Determined 

Saturday: Homestead Gardens (Davidsonville) 9 till 2pm

Sunday: Homestead Gardens (Davidsonville) 9 till 2pm

Monday: Homestead Gardens (Severna Park) 9 till 2pm 

Tuesday: On the road servicing accounts 

Wednesday: On the road servicing accounts

Thursday: CLOSED

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